Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Brown Girls Hiking Club and A Dream Show

Sunday was expected to be a fairly nice day with a high chance of rain at around 3PM. A lovely and talented friend of mine organized a hiking club for women of color. Brown Girls Hiking Club. It's a wonderful idea and she received a lot of criticism when she announced our first hiking trip to the San Joaquin River Gorge on instagram and FB. I wasn't aware of all the flak she was getting, but I knew it was something I definitely wanted to participate in. We met up at a Starbucks at around 10 AM and since only five of us showed, we decided to carpool. We all took pictures and video. It was a wonderful trip and I loved every second. It was funny to all of us that people would be so upset about a bunch of brown girls having a good time hiking together. We all left that hike with so much joy in our hearts. Thank you Jemimah, I hope more girls decide to join the club! Here are the photos I took.

On Tuesday (last night), we decided to risk driving to San Francisco to catch what looked to be an amazing show with a killer line up. It was everything I had hoped it would be. Terry Malts played their debut record "Killing Time" in it's entirety to celebrate it's five year anniversary release on Slumberland. They had two openers. One being Tony Molina, who is from their Slumberland Records family and whom we've seen before and is SO GOOD! My favorite part of this shows lineup was the fact that Terry Malts asked one of the first bands they every played with to open. Which happened to be new lovely friends of ours. Yogurt Brain, whom we met last year when they asked me to book a show for them in Fresno (which went oh so well btw!). Here are the shots I got from the show. We had to leave right after but I asked Phil for the set list. He asked why I wanted it, it's just Killing Time. I said for the memory and he said "Right on!" and high fived me. It was great. I love Terry Malts and have waited so long to see this band. ^_^

We ate pancakes before we went home and tried to win a prize from this sci-fi ufo claw machine.

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